Title: Star Whisperer / Artist: Tori Amos

Director: Bruno Centofanti and Victor de Mello
Editing and Colour Grading: Bruno Centofanti

Duration: 10 minutes

Format: Super 8


A friend, Victor de Mello, an established fashion photographer that was going to take the photos for Tori’s new album, introduced me to this project. After he scoped out the locations, he told me it would be great to shoot a film and asked if I would like to do it.


From the early moments in the pre-production we decided that the project would be shoot in Super 8 and we would keep the intrinsic grainy look of the film medium.

I am a huge fan of Derek Jarman and in particular his great collection of Super 8 films including ‘The Art of Mirrors’. I included many references to these pieces, which served as my main inspiration.


The shooting process was very interesting; Super 8 is such a fun medium to play with. The camera I used was a point-and-shoot style with the film cartridge very short running; this made it a very spontaneous process, along with the beautiful sound of film flicking through the gate, it was a very entertaining shoot!

We shot in Ireland in a great location and luckily the weather was good and the light had a perfectly soft nature that looked brilliant on film. 

Tori Amos is a true artist that can work in different kind of mediums, so filming her was extremely easy and very exciting.


The editing process was the most difficult part of the film. It was a very long and lonely process but also very stimulating since I had 100% freedom to express my visual artistry.

Using a superimposing technique, influenced by Jarman's Super 8 films, I had to compose the images using a collage-orientated mindset. 

I remember when I asked Tori to hold a small mirror and reflect the light into the camera. She asked me why I wanted to do that, I answered, 'A mirror is an instrument to feed our egos, you are using it to disguise it', a description she really loved. This image is a clear reference of Jarman's ‘The Art of Mirrors’ (1973) and I felt it was a real fundamental image to include in the final edit.


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In order to compose the superimposition I had to think about speed, colours, shapes and story narrative to produce a strong painterly texture and pulsating rhythm.