Director’s Reel




MTV Style, MTV’s digital home of beauty and fashion, produced a series featuring inspirational stories from female Australian influencers across modelling, fashion, beauty and blogging in short, engaging and sharable episodes. I've Self-Shot / Produced Directed the episodes with Neighbour's star Sarah Ellen, who already has a combined following of nearly 2m across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


My fashion work has been published in Wonderland Magazine, The Sunday Times Style, Grazia and MTV.



Working globally to create over 50 branded content videos for beer and soft drink brands.

St. Stefanus is an internationally-distributed craft beer company. I developed, produced and directed a series of 36 videos on the "Specialty Beer Scene in London, Paris and Ghent" shot in English, French and Flemish.

Additionally, we made interactive cinematic online content for St. Stefanus called "Head and Head" with English and French Subtitles.

YOUTUBE CHANNEL - Richard Branson

My work includes editing and producing content for Richard Branson's YouTube Channel, with the videos reaching over 140,000 views combined.

CAR: Nissan in Monaco

See the behind the scenes of Nissan's midnight drive with Margot Robbie and the Nissan BladeGlider. Margot Robbie, raced the radical all-electric Nissan BladeGlider sports car around the world-famous Monaco Grand Prix street circuit, at midnight. My role was: Self-Shooting PD and Editor.


As a gamer myself, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Bossa Games and Disney for online gaming content. I have developed and directed two episodes for the BAFTA winning game "MonsterMind".



I have worked as a multimedia producer (shooting, editing and producing over 100 videos) at THE SUNDAY TIMES and won the Best Video Journalism Award at the ONLINE MEDIA AWARD in 2011.

My other editorial and documentary work includes filming with J.J. Abrams, David Hockney, Masterchef's Greg Wallace, Debbie Wiseman, Tamara Rojo, Samantha Morten, Ian Thorpe and Rhys Ifans.


The Krib is a new kids YouTube channel which is aimed at inspiring young generations to read. I developed, created and shot over 60 videos of content which engages writers, radio stations, publishers and presenters.