Title: MTV IT Girls

Production Company: MTV Australia

My Role: Self-Shooter PD (Producer Director)

I produced, directed and shot a series of videos in London for MTV’s hit show IT Girl with Neighbour's star Sarah Ellen, who already has a combined following of nearly 2m across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

MTV Style launches new fashion mini-series #MTVITGirls, presented by Australian fashion icons Mimi Elashiry, Alexandra Spencer and MTV VJ Kate Peck. These new-age supermodels are set to take fans behind-the-scenes of their online empires – giving a never-before-seen glimpse into the world of fashion and social media.


Branded Content | Commercial | BEER

Title: "Head and Heart"

Client: SABMiller / St. Stefanus |  Agency: Southpaw

Production Company: Another Word

My Role: Director / Producer / Executive Producer

I have been producing and directing branded content for S. Stefanus for the past 4 years. This particular project came with a different challenge; they wanted to produce two interactive features.  

Both films were set in 1295, the first tells the story of a greedy brewer and the second of a monk that developed the recipe for a great beer from his heart, this recipe is still used now by St. Stefanus.




Client: Wonderland Magazine and Eyeko

My Role: Director





Title: Drones for good

Client: Virgin |  Richard Branson

My Role: Edit Producer

My favourite thing in life is to tell stories. I've produced and shot most of the stories I've published but in this case I had to build a story with external elements. Richard Branson is a very inspiring person and I really wanted to build an inspiring story too.  I loved this challenge and  the results of this video. You can see this video at Richard Branson's Youtube Channel.



Title: Dalstons Supplier Stories: Apple Harvest

Client: Dalston's

My Role: Director  | Self Shooter PD  |  Editor

This video is part of a series of videos I'm creating for Dalston's. Storydoing is a big thing for me and this video sets the core value of the company and the CEO in creating a low sugar soft drink, without the nasty ingredients.


Title: St. Stefanus: A Belgian Abbey Beer

Agency: Quirk |  Client: SABMiller |  Production: Fablemaze

My Role: Director, Shooter and Editor

This video was the first of a series we shot in the city of Ghent, Belgium.  The vision behind it was to show the history of the beer and of the long family heritage that created it. I wanted to make this beer feel like a video for an expensive wine and really create a luxurious feel, texture and colour palette.



Commercial | GAMES

Title: Monstermind (BAFTA Award Winning Game)

Client: Bossa Games |  Production: Fablemaze

My Role: Diretor, Screenwriter and Editor


MUSic video | short film

Title: Tori Amos "Star Whisperer"

Client: Universal Music |  Deutsche Grammophon

Directed by Bruno Centofanti and Victor de Mello

My Role: Director, Editor and Colour Grader

Shot in Ireland with the legendary Super 8 camera, Beaulieu 4008. Although it was my first time shooting in Super 8, it went well and I really loved this experience.



Title: Farmison "Our Story"

Client: Farmison

My Role: Director, Creative Director and Producer

Farmison approached me wanting to make a film that could show the world everything that makes them who they are. I worked on the concept and hired a food copywriter to help me on the script; from there I traveled with my camera and my assistant to shoot the film in beautiful Yorkshire meeting the knowledgeable farmers who supply the industry with fantastic quality produce.


branded content | fashion

Title: Mytheresa with Tabitha Simmons

Client: Mytheresa

My Role: PD (Producer Director), Self-Shooter and Editor

This project was initially a the 'making of' feature; but learning that Tabitha Simmons would be present I couldn't resist bring elements of interview into the content; talking not only about her vision and inspiration for the project but also to learn about that seemly elusive task of bringing up a family and a highly successful career at the same time. This interview brought a beautiful personal touch that I felt would have been missing otherwise - turning a 'making of' piece into an engaging branded content feature.



Title: David Hockney | BMW Art Car

Client: Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) / BMW

My Role: Self-Shooter, PD (Producer Director), and Editor

I had the privilege to spend my day chatting and working with the ever inspiring David Hockey. The feature I created was based on BMW's unique collection of 'Art Cars' initiated over 35 years ago by leading international artists who used the cars as their canvas.

exhibition link:


Title: GoldenEye: the house where Bond was born

Client: The Sunday Times

My Role: Self-Shooter, PD (Producer Director) and Editor

This was a very special opportunity to film inside the very estate in Jamaica where Ian Flemmings wrote the legendary James Bond novels. In the video I chatted the legendary Chris Blackwell the current owner of Golden Eye.  



Title: Queens Jubilee Composition by Debbie Wiseman

Client: The Sunday Times

My Role: Self-Shooter, PD (Producer Director) and Editor

In this video I was brought in to document the process of composition for the music of the Queen's Jubilee ceremony. The composer Debbie Wiseman takes us on a journey from conception to the final recording. Debbie has always been one of my favourite modern day composers and this video was a great privilege for me.



Title: Oswald | Epic Mickey 2 |  Disney

Client: The Sunday Times

My Role: Self-Shooter, PD (Producer Director) and Editor

Shot in LA at the Disney archives, this beautiful video tells the story of Oswald, first Walt Disney character and also about Epic Mickey 2, the new Disney video game.



Title: Beck - Music

Client: The Sunday Times

My Role: Self-Shooter, PD (Producer Director) and Editor


PROMO | Exhibition

Title: Welcome to the Jewish Museum: Open to All

Client: Jewish Museum London

My Role: Self-Shooter, PD (Producer Director) and Editor

I have been working with the Jewish Museum to help with their communication and storytelling/storydoing. This video shows Abigail Morris, Director of the Jewish Museum, giving you an idea of what to expect, to make everybody feel welcome, when they visit.



Title: Brit School

Client: The Sunday Times

My Role: Self-Shooter, PD (Producer Director) and Editor



Title: Modern Home

Client: The Sunday Times

My Role: Self-Shooter, PD (Producer Director) and Editor


Branded content |Furniture - Design

Title: Our Factory in Portugal

Client: Another Country

My Role: Self-Shooter / PD (Producer Director)



Title: St. Stefanus: Brewing Process

Client: SABMiller / St. Stefanus

Agency: Quirk | Production: Fablemaze

My Role: Director, Shooter and Editor



Culture  Documentary / Editorial Showreel

Client: The Sunday Times

My Role: Self-Shooter, PD (Producer Director) and Editor


Filming the talented Rhys Ifans recite Shakespeare was very interesting. I made two features with the inspiring ballerina Tamara Rojo which has made me see dance in a completely new light. JJ Abrams was fun too, we shot the feature using the Super 8 iPhone app since the video was to promote his film ‘Super 8’

Music  Documentary / Editorial Showreel

Client: The Sunday Times

My Role: Self-Shooter, PD (Producer Director) and Editor

I love music and played the guitar from a young age; so I relished the opportunity to tell the musicians story. According to Debbie Harry, rock‘n roll is alive and well; Kesha expressed a keen interest in strip clubs, James Blunt reckons he’s a real man and Snow Patrol were surprisingly humble about their achievements. I enjoyed going on tour with Tribes in Brighton and shooting the Latitude Festival.

Travel Documentary / Editorial Showreel

Client: The Sunday Times

My Role: Self-Shooter, PD (Producer Director) and Editor

The documentary series I shot for The Sunday Times took me all over the world; from foraging for food in Cornwall, getting stuck in traffic jams in Cairo and jetting off to Jamaica; where I filmed Chris Blackwell in James Bond's home in ‘Golden Eye’. This was one of my favorite shoots.



Title: St. Stefanus: History of the Van Steenberge Brewery

Client: SABMiller / St. Stefanus

Agency: Quirk | Production: Fablemaze

My Role: Director, Shooter and Editor

All images © Copyright 2015 Bruno Centofanti