St. Stefanus: A Belgian Abbey Beer
Client: Fablemaze / Quirk / SABMiler

Directed, shot and edited by Bruno Centofanti.


This video was the first of a series we shot in the city of Ghent, Belgium.  The vision behind it was to show the history of the beer and of the long family heritage that created it. I wanted to make this beer feel like a video for an expensive wine and really create a luxurious feel, texture and colour palette.

Farmison: Introduction
Client: Farmison

This is a recent work for Farmison UK, a prime organic specialist that supplies produce for top chefs in the country. We worked all the way from the start, developing the concept, writing, shooting and lastly the post production. This is a promotional introductory film for Farmison's website.

Client: Bossa Studios

Directed, written and edited by Bruno Centofanti. 

Monstermind is a Bafta winning game that picked up an award for best opine browser game. With this trailer for the game, I chose to focus on the character of Eva and then  use a 3-act form of storytelling to create a real cinematic feel that was then edited in 2 parts.

Case studies link:

Art Drive! David Hockney
Client: ICA / BMW

Produced, shot and edited by Bruno Centofanti. 


If there was one person that has changed my way of thinking the most it would be David Hockney. Our 10 minute apointement over run into a day as we went through work and films. This film was created specifically to be projected at the BMW art car collection ArtDrive next to the Hockney designed car. 

Exhibition's link:

Mytheresa with Tabitha Simmons
Client: Mytheresa

Produced, shot and edited by Bruno Centofanti. 

This video is all about the online fashion brand Mytheresa. Here we interview designer, Tabitha Simmons, and how she created her line, her vision for the collection, as well as balancing family life with such a hectic full time job. 

All images © Copyright 2014 Bruno Centofanti